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Рейтинг Ролевых Ресурсов - RPG TOP

Free browser based online RPG game with strategy elements.


Forests around Grivland always been safe, lumberjacks mined there wood for building houses. But lately, in the woods began to appear strange creatures - gremlins, the forest was named Dense forest, bu...

2014-03-02 21:57:52

Registration is open, the game came in the release. In addition, the authorization was made available through the social network. So, welcome to the game! If you find bugs game, please write to the a...

2013-02-08 00:11:13

Hello! So, the game is running in test mode. We hope that soon will be revealed all the flaws and mistakes, tested all possible modes, and can be fully immersed in the gameplay! The game is at a st...

2011-01-11 17:05:52






If you want to play interesting qualitative browser games online, to present you one of the representatives of the genre - Different World.
Honours online games Different World from many others is the integration of a variety of popular genres. There is no need to download mindlessly experience, the game has a huge variety of settings, items, skills, professions and skills. It's not only the weapons and clothing, but also the various scrolls, resources, recipes, and other accoutrements. Thus, you have a lot of ways to develop a character that makes the gameplay of special interest, which can not provide many other browser-based online RPG.
Classical turn-based strategy has become the basis for the combat system, namely, Heroes of Might and Magic. This is the most popular turn-based battle system of browser-based online RPG today.
Classical online browser game has become the basis for a role-playing system with a lot of improvements and additions, is the inspirer of many projects - Fight Club.
The game has its own system of skills, trades, events and tournaments, as well as a variety of other unique functionality and content. The game world is constantly expanded and updated with new content. Donata practically no influence, but you can invest money that will give some advantages. Gameplay is calm and unhurried, there is time to think about how to develop a character. Each level has something to do besides making the experience and the uniqueness of each level is clearly expressed. The participants of the project - polite interesting people, live big happy family. Perhaps, you will find a place in this mysterious world.
Play browser RPG online and enjoy the gameplay! Playing Different World can help you with that!
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