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Game description

Welcome to «Different World».

This unknown and mysterious world, no one has yet fully explored, perhaps you will be the first ...
Game «Different World» belongs to the genre of fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

Nobody do not remember what happened to this world, and how we got here and where it is, "here".
You find yourself in Grivland, this is still the largest of the known city in the world and behind the scenes is its capital, while able to examine only the closest vicinity.
City authorities are trying to find other accommodation and the people of this world, but also overseas city too dangerous to wander in the forests of gangsters, dangerous animals and who knows what else is there ... Therefore, all exits from the city safely protected by the city guards, searched the warriors, ready to go outside. If you want to be like this warrior - prove it!

So, when you start the game, you increase the available 3 performance and a skill. And also, the founder of the city, Griver grants you the "Sword of the beginner."

Character parameters:
Power - defines the physical strength of character that directly affects the damage taken in battle, but also on the capacity of a backpack.
Dexterity - determines the agility of the character, affects the ability to evade or avoid the enemy's critical hit.
Intuition - defines a foreboding character increases the probability of hitting an opponent, as well as the critical strike.
Endurance - defines quality of life of the character.
Affliction - determines the effectiveness of spells.
Knowledge - defines the level of mana.
Mt. dodge - defines the ability to evade enemy attack.
Mt. critical - defines the possibility of a critical strike.
Mt. against dodge - defines the inability to evade opponent's attack.
Mt. against critical - defines the inability of the enemy strike a critical blow.
Level - defines the character development, a necessary option for access to certain locations, objects or actions.
Speed in battle - determines how far character can overcome in a battle for one round.
Rate conversion - defines the time required to move to another location.
Experience - defines the character development, achieving a certain amount of experience provides additional features, money or a new level.
Money - game currency, is required for existence in the game world.
Backpack capacity - defines the number of items that character can carry with you if you exceed this value will be reduced conversion speed.
Belt capacity - defines the number of used items that character can carry with them into battle.
Quiver capacity - defines the number of arrows that character can take with them into battle.
Protection - defines the maximum possible amount of damage absorbed by hitting an opponent.
Protection from - defines the maximum possible amount of damage absorbed a certain kind of attack an opponent.
Health points - defines the vitality of the character.
Mana points - defines the stock characters of magic energy.
Restoring life - defines the recovery rate of living outside of combat.
Restore mana - determines the rate of reduction of the level of mana out of combat.
Minimal damage - defines the minimal damage that character can inflict in combat without the protection of the enemy.
Maximum damage - defines the maximum damage that a character can inflict in combat without the protection of the enemy.
Archery range - defines how far a character can make a shot without penalty.
Zones to attack - defines the number of strikes in different areas of the enemy, that person can do per attack.
Zones to protect - defines the number of zones that can protect the character for one beat the opponent.
Overview - defines how far the character sees in the stowed mode.

Character skills:
Ability of the character determines how well he owns a certain type of weapon or magic.
How do you imagine yourself in the game world, the image can be changed once per level, with some images have requirements on the level, and there are unique images.
Sale / purchase of transfer of goods, transfer money:
Upon reaching level 2, players are able to give / transfer / sell items, as well as transfer the money.
In order to implement any action, both members of the transaction must be in one location.
Gift in the latter can not be sold or shared with anyone, you can only sell in the store for half price.
For some of the commission is charged.
There are locations for fights, where characters can fight each other, find out who is stronger and gain experience for future battles.
Duel - one on one duel.
Group fight - is available starting from 1-level, two groups of soldiers are fighting among themselves, the groups are formed according to certain parameters.
Chaotic battle - is available starting from 1-level, two groups of soldiers are fighting among themselves, the groups are formed randomly.
Losing team that has not left no living player.
Features battles:
When you create a battle, you can specify some additional parameters.
Fisticuffs - at the start of the battle, all participants are without uniforms, the experience of fighting for such reduced.
Bloody fight - the losing team gets seriously injured, the experience of fighting for such increased.
Repair items:
After the battles, the subject eventually wear out, when his life is approaching maximum, it is necessary to repair it in the studio, though, after repairs, it is likely that the maximum longevity of the object decreases, and eventually the subject will come into complete disrepair, well, what to do, nothing lasts forever ...
Any player who reached level 4 can create your own clan to take back other players, give them different titles.
There are potions, through which characters can improve their performance, to restore life / mana, also, they can take with them into battle.
Bows and crossbows:
For ranged attacks using bows and crossbows, they dress in the slot of the shield and give a good advantage in battle if used. Do not forget your arrows!
Path magician is not easy ... In this world there are plenty of spells, some can be bought at the store, some - found in the vicinity of the city and the caves, but for some have to go the hard way.
There are different schools of magic: fire, water, air, earth, light, dark and gray magic. Some spells are fighting, and some use out of combat.
To use a spell, you need a scroll of a certain amount of mana, and of sufficient magical characteristics of the character.
Efficient use of spell depends on the intelligence and possession of a specific kind of magic.
Skilled mage is very useful in combat.
Having serious damage before death, a character can get injured at some time during which, would be weakened by its characteristics.
This is a temporary change in characteristics as a result of any factor (injury, elixir, punishment, etc.).
In the world there are rare items that can not build or renovate ordinary people, these objects have unique properties. Whoever mastered this subject, will receive a distinct advantage in battle, but he will not immortal ... Artifacts exist in this world, but to master them, you will have to overcome many difficulties, to explore many different places, to defeat hordes of enemies, but it's worth it ...
The game consists of locations in which a character can move, each location has a unique interface that allows the user to perform some action, or move to other locations.
Travel mode:
There are locations in which to be safe, for example, moving from one city to another, caves, forests, there are live creatures, but can be found and values. To go to these places, you need to assemble a team of brave warriors. Some go hiking alone, but it is very difficult, one must be very strong warrior, to decide on such a difficult moment because no one is around to help. Trekking in these places takes a lot of strength in the soldiers, so, after a hike you take some time to relax before the next trip.
With experience, skillful war could go beyond the capital, to explore this world, to find other villages and cities, they are waiting for the great battles ...

This is basic information about the game, it will be continuously updated, successful battles to you!
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