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Fight Club

This is the most popular browser-based online RPG in runet early 2000s. She appeared at a time when the Internet began to gain in popularity. The meaning of the game - turn-based battles between players, players stand opposite each other, are selected area of attack and defense, and depending on it, causing damage to each other. Fight the text, you develop your character, earning experience in battle, when the next level can purchase better weapons and armor for your character. As with all browser RPG, a forum and a chat in the game are paramount. The project brought together a few months a huge audience, many of them play to this day.
Fight Club now - it is just another project, it appeared so many diverse functionality and content, and that his do not know, but the main point of the game remains the same. The project won the award more than once headings and still is one of the strongest projects among browser-based online RPG.
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