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Кананир [7]
30sev30 [7]
Maksi [6]
психоз [6]
римрик [6]
лук [6]
добрынець олег [5]
DanS [5]
nura [5]
ibeji-demon [6]

Рейтинг Ролевых Ресурсов - RPG TOP

Browser RPG online

It is a game in which you control the kind of character who represents you. You develop its characteristics, skills, interact with characters of other players are performing various tasks, explore the game world, discover new lands, looking for treasure, fight against various monsters.
Browser RPG online can develop your own unique character, the main goal - to beat other player characters, to become the most powerful and famous. Players sometimes worry about their characters as much for themselves in real life.
An integral part of browser RPG are the chat and forum. They take half, and sometimes most of the time of players.

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