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Heroes of Might and Magic

This is one of the founders of the genre of role-based strategy. It is still played by millions of players around the world.
You control the hero of one of the factions, build and upgrade your castle, also, the map also contains other players. The whole gameplay step by step, as in the study of maps, as well as in combat. The hero can wear artifacts affecting its performance, recruit an army in the castle, the more you rebuild the castle, the more powerful creatures can hire. Also, you can capture neutral and locks the other players. The more you have locks, the more chances of winning. Fight step in the battle characters can use magic, you control each unit of your army.
Heroes of Might and Magic - a game in which victory depends not only on your strategic skills, but also on luck , determination and resourcefulness. The game has been internationally recognized and has received many awards in the gaming industry. Development of new versions goes so far, but the most popular are still 3 and 5 of the series.
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