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Dense forest
Griver [4]
Forests around Grivland always been safe, lumberjacks mined there wood for building houses. But lately, in the woods began to appear strange creatures - gremlins, the forest was named Dense forest, but instead woodcutters, there warriors and magicians sent to subdue beings who invaded our land.

After the first victories over gremlins, the warriors found new items, which is not even buy from the merchants.

Good luck in mastering new battlefields!
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Registration is open
Griver [4]
Registration is open, the game came in the release.
In addition, the authorization was made available through the social network.
So, welcome to the game!

If you find bugs game, please write to the appropriate section.
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Welcome to Different World!
Griver [4]
So, the game is running in test mode.
We hope that soon will be revealed all the flaws and mistakes, tested all possible modes, and can be fully immersed in the gameplay!
The game is at a stage of development and growth in the near future will be added to the bows and crossbows, potions, magic, new items, new images and more, you need to get the game.

Welcome to Different World!

P.S.: After the test mode, in case the need arises, it is possible to reset all the achievements of the characters, this will be announced later, so stay tuned.
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