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Кананир [7]
30sev30 [7]
Maksi [6]
психоз [6]
римрик [6]
лук [6]
добрынець олег [5]
DanS [5]
nura [5]
ibeji-demon [6]

Рейтинг Ролевых Ресурсов - RPG TOP

Turn-based strategy online

It is a game in which the gameplay takes place in the queue, that is, the first you make a move, then the computer or another player, you can not do anything until your opponent has completed his move.
Turn-based strategy online can develop a strategic quality, they are similar to chess, where you have to to think ahead of the curve - a few moves ahead, win the one who is better will.
Though not always the game step by step process, in many games, you control a character in real-time, traveling on a map, shop, etc . etc., and when the time comes to fight, which takes you to the single-step mode.

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